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Just right: Bambu Lab P1S

The P1S hits the spot! All the speed of the X1 Carbon at half the price. More or less.

Bambu Lab came out with a printer that shocked us. The P1S doesn’t introduce any big tech improvements, but it did offer features users like me were craving: a fully enclosed, easy to use Core XY printer that doesn’t break the bank. Ok, with a price tag of $700 bucks my piggy bank would be feeling the strain, but it’s still $500 cheaper than the uber deluxe X1 Carbon. All you have to give up are LIDAR, a good camera and a screen that doesn’t drive you nuts.

That screen is the same one slapped on the stripped down P1P, but it’s never really bugged me because I refuse to use it. The P1P and P1S can be controlled by your desktop and phone app. Heck, I don’t even use the phone app that much.

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Things I love about the Bambu Lab P1S

  • Arrives fully built
  • Levels itself
  • Wi-Fi
  • 500 mm/s top speed
  • 20K acceleration
  • Enclosed for ABS & Nylon
  • Capable of four color printing with AMS (optional)

Things I hate about the Bambu Lab P1S

  • Still expensive
  • Ridiculously noisy
  • Cloud printing

What’s wrong with Cloud Printing?

A lot of people are irked about cloud printing. If you’re not familiar, cloud printing is when you send a file to your printer by Wi-Fi and instead of traveling straight from your computer to the printer it hops on the internet, zips over to the company’s server, mucks around for a hot second, goes back online and THEN gets to your printer.

Some people are concerned there’s snooping going on, but other’s like myself simply have really crappy internet and can’t always connect to the mother ship. Then of course, you have weird flukes when the company’s servers undergo maintenance and accidentally resend unexpected print jobs. Oops.

Anyway, cloud printing seems to be completely unneeded because you have the option of putting your file on an SD card and walking it over. Bambu also offers LAN Only Mode, so if cloud printing rubs you the wrong way you can change it. You’ll lose the phone app and have to get back online for firmware updates, but that’s seems like an acceptable compromise.