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About Denise Bertacchi

I love crafting and see 3D printing as an evolution of my hobbies. I own a CR10s and Ender 3 Pro, both modified with Micro Swiss hotends, Capricorn tubing, all metal extruders, custom spool holders, PEI flex sheets and a bit of bling.

Since I’m neither an engineer or professional graphic designer, I approach 3D printing from the vantage point of a pure hobbyist. I’ve soaked up every how to tutorial on perfecting my prints and now I’m ready to show others that NO, you don’t need to be a geek to 3D print. You just need patience!

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I’m on social media as @stldenise3d on Twitter and Instagram

Email Me

Need to reach me? I’m at stldenise @ I’m happy to give honest reviews of 3D printed related products.