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Come 3D Print with us! A Community 3D Printed Art Project

Join 3D Print Bunny and stlDenise3D at Rocky Mountain RepRap Festival

3D Print Bunny and I are inviting everyone with a 3D printer to join us in creating a wonderful art piece that represents our community and will grow and evolve through the year. This artwork is modular, so everyone can print a piece and join it to the whole. It will then travel to four different cities (over two continents) and be auctioned off in December 2024 for a fantastic charity near and dear to our hearts.

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3D Print Bunny’s Layer Connections model

Art Created by You!

Our vision was to create a project that brings everybody in the 3D printing world together. No matter what 3D printer you have, or how long you’ve been printing with it, we’re all part of the same team. This project is all about coming together as a maker community and celebrating our shared love for creativity. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, we ask you to join us and build something really cool together!

The Project: Layer Connections

3D Print Bunny is our designer extraordinaire, and she has created “Layer Connections,” a modular art work 3D printed by YOU. Each floral piece has little roots (or fingers??) that stretch out to hug it’s neighbor. We’re asking everyone to print a piece and be a part of the art.

The file is free and posted on 3D Print Bunny designed the pieces to print easily and to be sturdy enough to toss into your luggage.

Layer Connections will begin its journey at the Rocky Mountain Rep Rap Festival in Denver on April 20 & 21. Many thanks to for sponsoring this project and helping to bring it to life!

What Color and Material Should We Use to Print Layer Connections?

You can use any 3D printing material you like! It can be PLA, ABS, TPU…heck, you can resin print it if you like! All we ask is that the finished piece be a shade of blue. This color represents unity and harmony for our maker community. You are welcome to sign or imprint the back of the piece, but please keep the front original, as 3D Print Bunny designed it.

Don’t have blue filament on hand? You are also welcome to paint your piece.

It’s also important to print the art at 100% scale on a clean bed so that your piece will be able to hug its neighbors tightly.

How to Join Layer Connections

Participating in this project couldn’t be easier! The STL file is hosted exclusively on and is free for all. Simply download the file and print it at 100% scale using any shade of blue filament or resin. Bring it along to one of the festivals, and don’t forget to sign the back before adding your piece to our collaborative artwork.

Remember, the file is free for personal use, and if anyone wants to make their own art piece to hang at home, they are welcome to do so. However, please note that the model is not available for commercial sale. 

Who Can Join Layer Connections?

Who can join? Why everyone, of course!

We are asking that each piece represent a Maker in the 3D printing community, so if members of your family would like to add a piece, that’s great! Tell your 3D printing friends too, let’s make this art HUGE!

Art on the Move

After its debut at the Rocky Mountain Rep Rap festival, our community artwork will travel to the three other 3D printing festivals in the US and UK. It will be at the Midwest RepRap Festival (MRRF) in June, 3D Printopia (formerly ERRF) in September and the Sanjay Mortimer RepRap Festival (SMRRF) in Manchester, England in December. 

At each stop, we invite makers to contribute their pieces to help our artwork grow and evolve. 

But wait! Our project doesn’t end there! After the European community have added their pieces to the artwork at SMRRF, it will be auctioned to support the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation (SMF). The Foundation is a charity dedicated to empowering individuals with neurodivergent minds who find interest in STEM activities. By identifying and supporting these individuals though grants, resources or placements, the SMF aims to build their confidence, and provide the leg-up they need to fully realize their potential.

For more information on the SMF, their website here: Sanjay Mortimer Foundation