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Prusa Pours on the Speed with Input Shaping for the MK4

The Prusa MK4 was released a bit early, and a bit incomplete, with a promise of more speed and precision to come at a later date when they had all the kinks worked out of the firmware. That day is now! A stable version — 5.0 — of Prusa’s MK4 firmware is now ready for everyone to download.

If you’re the nerdy type, you probably already knew this amazing upgrade was being worked on and may have even downloaded the Alpha version. Personally, I have enough on my plate to not risk a perfectly good printer with (potentially) buggy firmware. So waited for the “stable” release.

Updating your firmware is super simple! Just go to the Prusa website and follow the directions on how to download a .bbf file to a USB disk. Stick it in your printer while it’s turned off, or if it’s on hit that reset button.
Bang! New firmware.

The printer takes care of the rest.

You’ll also want to have the latest version of Prusa Slicer and select the “input shaper” version of the MK4.

There no set up you need to do. It printer will run a quick calibration before the first print and then you’re off to the races!

Happy Printing!