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3D Print a Rose That Never Dies

Roses are the most beautiful flower and a classic way to tell someone “I love you.” They’re also super pricey around Valentine’s Day. If you ever thought about saving money by 3d printing a rose, this post is for you!

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For the same price as a dozen as-good-as-dead flowers my hubs could buy me a roll or two of fabulous glittery red Proto Pasta PLA for my 3D printers. Throw in a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates, and I’m a happy camper this Valentine’s Day.

Dare to 3D Print Roses

Not everyone will appreciate a plastic rose, I get that. But what if you wanted to give a rose that — like your love — will never die? Then 3D printing is the way to go.

Great Rose STL Files

I dug through mountains of file sharing sites to find the VERY BEST and totally free 3D printing files for you! Here are five FREE roses that range from pretty decent to pretty darn awesome.

3D Print a Rose That Never Dies

I checked out dozens of files and printed out the best ones on my Creality machines: and Ender 3 Pro and a CR10s.