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Seriously? No Screen on the AnkerMake M5c

Something is missing here…

Yep, the AnkerMake M5c is a hell of a printer that’s superfast, easy to use and totally missing a screen. Instead, it has a giant play button.

AnkerMake’s second 3D printer is a step up from its predecessor — the M5 — offering faster printing speeds and a lower price tag. However, it’s missing a visual interface, which might be a drawback for some people who don’t keep a phone on them at all times.

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For sale starting at $399, the M5C boasts a snappy 500 mm/s top speed, twice what the older M5 was able to launch with. This is because AnkerMake went back to the drawing board and came up with new firmware influenced by Klipper, which produces prints that are smooth AND speedy.

Anker’s marketing department is promoting the printer as being easy to use for first-time users, which don’t get me wrong, it totally is. But it’s not because of that button. It’s because of the slicer. They’ve managed to create a slicer that offers an Easy Mode that works so well you don’t need the expert mode.

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Things I love about the AnkerMake M5C

  • It’s fast. Like, really fast.
  • Good Price!
  • Wi-Fi Printing right from the slicer
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to load
  • Custom slicer has excellent presets
  • Will one day have a 6 Color multi-material feeder (they promise!)

Things I Hate about the AnkerMake M5C

  • No SD or normal USB Slot for file transfer
  • Need to use a phone app
  • Proprietary nozzles

Let’s Talk about the AnkerMake Button for a Sec

The button doesn’t do a lot for me. Sure, it’s a great emergency stop button, but it can do SIX things depending on when and how many times you push it. (Actually it can do Seven if you count not doing anything at all.)

While idle, you can have the button:

  • Print the latest file on the USB-C drive
  • Reprint the last file
  • Auto-level
  • Home all axis
  • Do Nothing

While printing, the button can

  • Pause/Continue
  • Stop Printing
  • Do Nothing

Personally, I’d like to see more control from my PC. AnkerMake’s slicer suite lets you prep and send files from your computer, but it doesn’t have a camera for monitoring or the ability to warm up the printer first.