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9 Quick and Easy Halloween 3D Prints for Kids

It’s the spookiest time of the year and your 3D printer is ready to get your house decorated for Halloween!

3D printers are really handy around holidays and let you print absolutely PERFECT decorations, toys and knick knacks to suit your mood. As for me, I hate super gory decorations, so my Ender & CR10 are busy cranking out happy ghosts, silly skellys and joyful pumpkins.

So Much Halloween to 3d Print!

Chaos Core Tech, one of my favorite design teams, has loaded tons of free models on Thangs. They’ve introduced a whole line of cartoony takes on scary movie characters from Scream, Halloween, Ghostbusters and The Ring.

Wekster Patrons are enjoying prints inspired by Squid Game and The Nightmare Before Halloween. I’d never let a kid watch Squid Game, but his mini dude take on the masked soldiers are…actually kinda cute.

Squid Game Mini Dudes from Wekster’s Patreon

Of course if you ARE a fan of scary prints, you’ll also find perfect models of zombies, ghouls and goblins galore. This print of Zombie Captain America from the What If… series is super horrific. (It’s also free to download.)

Speed Tips for Faster Printing

Is Halloween lurking just around the corner like a dude with a clown mask and chainsaw? Then pick your prints carefully! Think MINI pumpkins, table top decorations and smaller props. Remember, you need minimal infill for decorations and shrinking prints by even 25% can greatly reduce time on the machine.

You can also ramp up your speed, use larger layer heights and even swap out your nozzle for a bigger size.

For example, this Om Nom pumpkin by Bugman_140 would take 13+ hours to print full size and Super Quality on my Ender 3 Pro. But knock it down to 5% infill and a “low quality” .28 layer heights? He’ll zoom off your printer in 3 hours!

9 Quick and Easy Halloween 3D Prints for Kids

I've collected the best "not so scary" 3D prints for families. These are models that are easy to print, not to scary and fun to play with!