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Bambu Lab A1 Mini: Faster, Better, Smaller

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I’ve been playing with the Bambu Lab A1 Mini and it’s a real game changer. This little guy is a budget bed slinger that’s fast, quiet, and really easy to use. Sure, it’s a small build size, but trust me, it’s got room for some seriously cool prints.

Things I Like about the A1 Mini:

  • Budget-friendly at $299; combo with Lite AMS only $459.
  • Fast and quiet with a top speed of 500mm/s.
  • Intuitive full-color touchscreen for easy control.
  • Quick change nozzles and AMS Lite make maintenance a breeze.
  • AMS Lite’s simplified design prevents jams and works with various filaments.
  • AMS Lite’s spool setup eliminates issues with crushed edges and wonky spools.

Things I Hate about the A1 Mini:

  • Footprint with the AMS Lite is too big.
  • Material waste during color changes with AMS.
  • AMS Lite’s appearance may not be as clean as the original AMS.
  • Limited build volume compared to larger 3D printers.

I got my hands on the A1 Mini Combo, which includes the 4 color AMS Lite. Sure, it might look a bit weird with those Bowden tubes all over the place, but trust me, it’s a breeze to unjam compared to any of it’s big brothers, like the P1S. And the spool setup? Genius. Having spindles to hold spools from the middle instead of rollers means more brands of filament can be used without trouble.

The AMS does have its quirks, like some material waste during color changes — but I’m going to cover how to reduce the poop in an upcoming post/video. (Did you know I’m making videos? Check it out!) I’m a firm believer that Bambu’s AMS waste is a small price to pay for the rainbow of paint free colors it opens up.

The Bambu Lab A1 Mini is a speed demon, perfect for budget crafters craving 3D printed color previously out of reach. It’s user-friendly, sleek, and won’t break the bank. If you’re just starting out or want a zippy addition to your 3D printing arsenal, this mini maker is a winner.