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How Much do Empty Spools Weigh?

Do you worry that your 3D printer will run out of filament before your print job is finished? Ever eyeball a quarter roll of PLA and wonder…how much stuff is really on there?? Can I squeeze out another print? Or will it conk out halfway through?

Unless you get in the habit of weighing every spool before you set them to print, you might be left biting your nails as the spool winds down.

This spool weighed in at 1.167 KG fresh from the box. The empty spool weighed 179 grams.

Sure, there’s filament run out sensors to stop a print so you can swap rolls but what if you want to avoid a patchwork print?

Take a Guess

It’s hard to get precise when you’re weighing filament. No, I’m not saying your scale is wrong! But even if the manufacture puts EXACTLY 1 kg of plastic on each reel your slicer estimate might be off. That’s why it’s an estimate. I found this out the hard way when I was working with rainbow filament and trying to print a 333 gram unicorn.

Cura said this would weigh 333 grams. It was only 299.

How Much does that EMPTY Spool Weigh?

The following weights are either from my own scale or internet sources. Even when asking a company directly for information I was given an estimate with a “give or take” 5 grams. Always give yourself some wiggle room!

Just a quick heads up that some of the links in this post do contain affiliate links. If you choose to click them and make a purchase, I will receive a commission from the sale.

BrandWeight in Grams (estimate)
3D Fuel264
3D Solutech173
Atomic Filament306
Cookie Cad175
Jessie Cardboard (Printed Solid)276
Jessie Plastic (Printed Solid)297
Inland Black Plastic (phasing out)225
Inland Clear Plastic (found on Rainbow)215
Inland Cardboard142
Matter Hackers Build Series215
Matter Hackers Quantum217
Printerior (cardboard)113
Prusament 201
ProtoPasta (cardboard)80
Raised 3D246
StrongHero 3D151

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