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3D Print Accessories for your Baby Yoda Doll

I’ve been 3D printing some much needed accessories for our Baby Yoda doll — wanna see? I’ll show you where you can get the file for free!

baby Yoda doll
Note: Our Baby Yoda can’t actually hold anything. I had to use sticky foam and clips to to get this shot.

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3D print these Baby Yoda Accessories

As you know, it was a long time before we could buy anything Baby Yoda related, since Disney was trying to keep this adorable little guy a secret. I even tried to make my own version of The Child in clay for a Christmas ornament. I think he still needs some work.

When we finally spotted Baby Yoda at a local Target this summer, Mitch and I were very excited to, ah hem, “secure the asset” as Mando would say.

However, being the first version to hit the toy aisle, our Baby Yoda didn’t come with any of the accessories that he’s now known for holding. No bowl of soup. No Mythosaur skull necklace. No froggie or shift knob off the Razor Crest.

Baby Yoda Has Swag

The second season of the Mandalorian is now out, and so is the second wave of toys…just in time for Christmas! I spotted the very same The Child doll at Costco and DANG IT he had accessories! A bowl for his soup, a necklace, silver ball and his little froggie.

So does this “talking” Baby Yoda. DANG IT!

I’m not in the mood to buy several Baby Yodas, especially when it’s the EXACT same doll with just a few extras thrown in. And yes, this is coming from the same mom who bought 15 Porgs for her kid in 2018. But they were all different.

Besides, you can have a flock of Porgs…there’s only ONE Baby Yoda.

I decided that I would get crafty and make our Baby Yoda some toys and props with my 3D printer.

If you don’t have a 3D printer, it’s pretty easy to find most of his props laying around your house. Our ball is Super Ball I found in a drawer, and honestly I could have found a plastic frog somewhere in Mitch’s room.

We gave Baby Yoda a super ball, no sense printing that!

The cup doesn’t have to be exact, but I know I’ve got a wooden bowl around here…somewhere.

The pendent is the only truly unique thing on this list and you can find these on Etsy or Amazon.

You could scale up this print and hang it on the wall!

3D Print Accessories for Baby Yoda Doll

Does your Baby Yoda need a bowl for his soup? A ball to toss around? Here's you go!