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Thangs Weekly Creator Contest: Here to Win (update)

(Updated March 5, 2023) is one of my favorite stl file sharing sites for finding the best models to 3d print.

There are two major reasons I keep coming back to Thangs. First, they scan the entire internet looking for 3d printable files and offer results from many other file sharing sites. There’s no need to hunt around for the perfect model, Thangs can present you with everything the internet has to offer.

Thangs has Contests!

The other reason I love Thangs are the contests. Though I’m not much of a designer myself, I appreciate websites that attract talented designers by offering them prizes. They hold two kinds of contests: bi-weekly open-ended contests and less frequent themed contests. Bi-Weekly Contest

Thangs runs an ongoing bi-weekly contest that starts every other Friday. These contests have no themes, and anyone can enter for a chance to win one of 15 prizes awarded each session. At the end of the two-week time period, the slate is wiped clean and everyone starts fresh!

Points are awarded when you upload models and also when others download, like and remix your models. You also get points for new followers.

  • Unique uploads (10 points): For models uploaded in the current two week time period, with either a tag or a category associated with the upload
  • Unique downloads (5 points): For all models uploaded in the current period
  • New follows (5 points): New follows, only if the user has uploaded a new model during that period
  • New likes (1 point): On models uploaded in the current period
  • Remixes (25 points): Remixes published for the first time or model has been remixed during the current week

A leader board is posted on the website so you can track the competitors. This is not only a fun way to track the contest, but a great way to discover popular designers you may not have seen.’s Themed Contests

Thang’s has also been holding themed contests to bring attention to new features. Recent contests have focused on their Remix Function, which brings a copy of a remixable model into the Thangs Workspace where you can add your own improvements and adjustments. Thangs has a Blender Addon to make things even easier, but using Blender isn’t necessary.

FYI: Models with the blue “remix model” button are ok to remix because the creator gave permission when they uploaded their model to If you don’t see the blue button, you don’t have permission to alter and re-upload the model.

What Can You Win from is working with two major 3D printing retailers to provide gift cards for a variety of merch available around the globe: Matterhackers and 3DJake. This lets you pick your prize, from a bag of nozzles to entire printers.

3d printed trophy
Trophy by Agustin Flowalistik Arroyo

Thangs Contest Gift Cards

First place: Equivalent to $350 US

Second and Third Places: Equivalent to $200 US

Positions 4 – 10: Equivalent to $150 US

Positions 11-15: Equivalent to $75 US

Gift cards can be saved up for a larger prize, and many people are able to access free shipping.