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3D Printing Valentines for the Classroom: A High-Tech Take on an Old-School Holiday

Let your kid make use of your 3D printer for some high-tech classroom Valentines that are sure to impress their friends. Valentine’s Day — or Friendship Day at our school — is a tricky holiday for younger kids. They want to show their friends they care without, you know, getting all mushy. (Or maybe that’s just my view point from raising boys??)

red flexi dino 3D printed, holding heart

Now, before you get too excited, it’s important to note that 3D printing Valentines probably isn’t the most cost-effective or time-efficient option out there. But if you plan ahead you can come up with some really awesome prints that won’t end up in the trash once they get home.

HOT TIP –> My kid’s school district got rid of candy & food treats for classroom parties ages ago. If you’re new to this whole allergy aware/fat free/healthy choices take on school parties, 3D printing is a lifesaver! You can easily make enough trinkets for your child’s classroom that are unique and way more exciting than another pencil or sticker.

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Filament Choice:

Valentine’s Day prints should SPARKLE! This is the perfect time for some chonky glitter, hot pink silk or a snazzy dual color PLA. Some of my favorite PLA colors for Valentine’s Day are Matterhacker’s Raspberry Gold Quantum, Polymaker’s PolyLite Silk Rose and MicroCenter’s Inland Purple Glitter.

Quick Valentine 3D Prints

Quick and easy 3D prints for classroom Valentine's Day parties.