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Fling (tiny) Pumpkins with 5 Amazing 3D Printed Catapults

Let’s 3D print some tiny catapults! These little machines are like mini versions of the big catapults used in medieval warfare. Sorta. Sure, you can make your own or you can just grab one of these files I’ve found for you.

3d printed toy skeleton with a 3d printed catapult

There are endless possibilities for creating unique and really fun objects when you have a 3D printer. Today we’re talking tiny 3D printed catapults.

Catapults have been used for centuries as siege engines, designed to launch projectiles over great distances. Today they’re mostly used for yeeting pumpkins during Halloween and fall festivals. These scaled down models let you chuck super mini or candy pumpkins from the warmth and comfort of the great indoors.

Building Your Mini Catapult

All the files I’ve found for you require NO TOOLS. One is even print in place! Some require rubber bands or even a hair tie to provide the resistance.

These can all be printed in PLA, but I did try a few in PETG for less brittleness.

5 Tiny 3D Printed Catapults

3D printed catapults for all your yeeting needs.

Bring on the STEMtasic Fun

Sure, these are entertaining, but you can also learn a lot from them.

  1. Physics Lessons: These catapults are a fantastic way to teach physics concepts such as force, energy, and trajectory to students. They can experiment with different angles and amounts of force to optimize their launches.
  2. Office Warfare: Need a quick break from work? Organize friendly office competitions with your tiny catapults. Create targets and challenges to see who has the best aim and power.
  3. Historical Reenactments: If you’re a history enthusiast, tiny catapults can be used in reenactments or displays to showcase ancient warfare techniques.
  4. Party Games: Set up a tiny catapult station at your next party or gathering. It’s sure to be a hit with both kids and adults.

Tiny 3D-printed catapults are a fascinating intersection of history, technology, and fun. They offer an opportunity to learn about the principles of physics and engineering in a hands-on, entertaining way. So, whether you’re an educator looking for an engaging teaching tool or just someone in search of a quirky, enjoyable project, consider adding a tiny 3D-printed catapult to your collection of curiosities. These miniature machines are bound to bring joy and a touch of wonder into your life.