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Creality K1: Better than Bambu?

I’ve tested Creality’s new flagship 3D printer, simply known as the K1. It’s a huge departure from Creality’s well known Ender 3 line of budget minded bedslingers.

The K1 is an enclosed Core XY machine that goes toe to toe with the Bambu X1 Carbon at a P1P price. They’re using a fork of Klipper, which sadly isn’t following Open Source’s promise of transparency and open sharing. Not that the everyday user will notice or care, which is probably why Creality and a good chunk of the 3D printing industry can get away with flaunting Open Source.

I met with Creality reps at MRRF, and I was assured that the K1 will become Open Source in the near future. They made a HUGE deal about how you can mod their printers, so I think they will honor that promise.

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How much is a K1 3D printer?

The Creality K1 is currently priced at $630 on Amazon, a price that must have made Bambu Lab sweat a bit because they in turned knocked $100 off the P1P to keep it even.

(Use code AFK130 and get a K1 for $569 when you use my affiliate link at the Creality Store.)

K1 vs P1P: Which is Better?

I haven’t had a chance to test the Bambu X1 Carbon, but I do have the open frame P1P here. I can say that the two machines are evenly matched for speed, with a default setting of 300 mm/s.

They both use Cloud printing — where WiFi access has to go through their servers and bounce around the internet before landing at the printer sitting across the room. I’m not a fan, as it’s not the most reliable.

But, the K1 has alternatives where the P1P does not. You can use a USB stick (fantastic!) or simply hooking into your home/office LAN. You’ll still need to register your printer with Creality’s servers to make the connection, but after that you’re unfettered.

One negative on the K1 is that it is, and always will be, a single color printer. Creality did not leave room for an AMS (multicolor) system on this printer.

Things I love about the Creality K1

  • Fully automatic bed leveling
  • Will fit a standard E3D Volcano Nozzle
  • WiFi and USB stick for file transfer
  • Uses Klipper & Input Shaping
  • Ridiculously fast

Things I hate about the Creality K1

  • Rear mounted spool holder
  • Flex Plate requires glue stick
  • Limited access to Klipper’s features