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3D Printed Frog House goes Viral

Australian Tik Toker UnknownDazza used his Prusa MK3+ to print a luxury compound for his backyard frog. The mansion started as a little cabin on a fence post, and with this help of his followers, blossomed into a multiroom party pad for Frod the Frog and his family. The house includes lights, water features, secret hideaways and plants.

Dazza kept reporting on the frog’s antics, going so far as to mount night time security cams pointing at the frog house, so his followers could observe Frod enjoying his new home. Eventually there were other frogs, tadpoles and a few friendly possums who stopped by for a drink from the frog pool.

No frogs were hurt in these encountrers.

Dazza’s account starts in October 2022 when he first posted about 3D printing a little house for a frog he spotted sitting on his fence.

As of late February his TikTok account has grown to over 409K followers and he’s now selling frod houses. He doesn’t seem to be sharing the files, but then most of his followers are into frogs, not printers.

Dazza did a recap of the whole frog tale on TikTok here and on Youtube here.